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Very heavy, perfect for a toddler or pre-schooler. Doesn't soften up very quick, needs some work. A size 4 woulde be a great choice!
Bulky knot, but a half knot stays in place too (or finish knotless). Not suitable for a newborn!

Linuschka ‘heavy’ owls prototype

48% Peruvian Pima cotton, 52% Egyptian cotton


When the owner of Linuschka told me she was sending a heavy tester, I thought ”well, I can handle that, I’m experienced enough”. The first thing I did after receiving the package was grabbing the scale: 1613 grams, for a size 7!!! After measuring I came to the conclusion that this wrap has 430g/m2.
I wasn’t sure if I was experienced enough for that!

For your information: most wraps have a weight between 200 and probably 280g/m2. There are heavier wraps around and there are lighter wrap available. I own a heavy triweave (310g/m2) and love the weight, but I can see this number (430!!) scaring people off.

First of all: this wrap is not suitable for a newborn. It’s just too much fabric, too heavy and it will be close to impossible to wrap your tiny baby in this. If you’re having a hard time wrapping with thicker wraps, you probably won’t like this one. But: there are babywearers around who LOVE thicker/heavier wraps. I think most of them have a big and heavy child to wrap, a toddler or even a pre-schooler. An experienced wrapper won’t have a problem wrapping with these owls. This wrap is surprisingly easy to wrap with but it feels heavy in hand and it’s a lot of fabric working with a size 7 (with this weight). It isn’t even as thick as I imagined, it’s really just the weight.

You don’t need to make a double knot, a half knot works great. A double knot is very bulky with this wrap. This wrap feels very much like a ‘curtain’. I know this sounds demeaning, but it sure isn’t meant this way. If there’s anything I could compare it too I would say a Pavo Etini Magnolia would be the closest. The texture, the feeling, but much heavier. It has a beautiful drape, I love to wear this wrap in a knotless tibetan rucksack because the tails are stunning. They show the body of the wrap, the weight, the movement.  It’s love!

Does it get soft? Hmmm… Hard question. I think it will never be kitten belly-soft, but it is already softer than it was brand-new and more moldable and easier to wrap with. The perfect way to break this in is to put it in a pillow case and sit on it.

I do think a 7 is a bit too much. This wrap would be perfect for a rucksack carry, I would say a size 4 would be ideal. This is the kind of wrap where your child will feel weightless in and you won’t notice the extra weight that the wrap brings at all. This shade of green is beautiful. It’s a deep, dark green.

I took the wrap with me to a sling meet and after an initial reaction of being impressed by the weight, some mamas gave it a try. This sure isn’t everybody’s ‘thing’, but overall most reactions were very positive. The wrap came in a nice canvas mini shopper which my toddler confiscated immediately.

I’m not sure if this wrap will be released but maybe we should start a petition to convince this brand to release a heavy wrap! 🙂

You can find Linuschka on Facebook, they sell their wraps on Etsy and sometimes on their own website.




you can find more pictures: Here!

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