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On August 19, 2014
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Nice shorty for summer, the linen version will be more toddlerworthy and perfect for heavier children.
Favorite carry with this wrap: rebozo with a slipknot.

Joy and Joe baby – Luceo Non Uro
100% cotton, shorty

I knew Joy and Joe baby from the ‘shiver me paisley’ design, but I didn’t get the chance to try one before.
This is a new weave and I would have loved to compare it to the old weave, but they didn’t have any left (must be a good sign, right?).
As soon as you read the name of this wrap, you will probably ask yourself ‘what does it mean?’. I don’t remember a lot of the Latin classes at school, so I needed to google it. Google showed me information on the Scottish MacKenzie clan. Luceo non Uro translates to ‘I shine, not burn’. The badge of the MacKenzies of Kintail shows a deer head, similar to the design on the wrap.

Joy and Joe baby is a British brand. The wraps are woven in a factory in the North of England, with high quality yarns of British origin. This all-cotton prototype has a luxurious shine, I wouldn’t have guessed (from looks) that it’s ‘just’ cotton. I would describe the colour as white and sage, a very light green.

At first I wasn’t very impressed with the colour, I was afraid it might make me look pale. Once I was wearing it, I totally changed my mind. The shimmer gives it such a luxurious look. I’m still not sure what gives it the shine. It looks very pretty and I think I even like it on myself!
This wrap came to me already used and VERY soft. It was a pleasure wrapping with it, the green colour feels a bit slippery but the other side is grippy.
It really did a great job as a shorty, with a slipknot for a rebozo carry. I would love a little bit more stretch and bounce, but it feels very comfortable on my shoulders and I loved it in a simple rucksack carry with my youngest girl.

For the pre-order they picked a linen blend. I think it would be perfect for heavier children. A nice shorty for summer!
This tester was pretty supportive, I used it in a RRRR with my toddler and it did a great job. (with my toddler ) I wouldn’t pick this all cotton shorty for a long walk, I think a longer wrap would be better in this blend, for her (so I can do a double hammock or a 3-layer carry). I personally prefer wider wraps with at least 68cm+, this wrap measures 65cm. I have to admit I didn’t notice it when wrapping, which means it doesn’t feel more narrow than my favorite wraps 🙂 I’ve only measured it now for the review and it surprised me!

The design is very subtile, I have wrapped it upside down a couple of times and didn’t even notice it at first. As soon as I looked at the pictures I noticed it, so a few pictures will show a upside-down deer head, sorry!

This wrap is sold as a preorder, take a look on the Facebook page for more information.

Some pictures: 




You can find more pictures here

I also used this wrap for a tutorial.

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