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On August 4, 2014
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Perfect for parents who are new to woven wraps, but I would recommend it for 'experienced' babywearers too.
Soft from the bag, easy to wrap with, very wide (80cm), which is nice for a big toddler!

Fidella Outer Space Blue
100% organic cotton

Fidella is a German brand, the people behind Fidella are also the producers of the Nonomo baby hammock.
The wraps are produced in Turkey, woven with organic cotton.
Fidella seems to reach out to the babywearing dads with colourways and designs with a more unisex or manly appeal.
Of course a guy can wear pink, but I’ve seen a couple of babywearing dads who love the ‘rock n rolla’ or ‘outer space’ design and I truly think they were made for them! Fidella also has some more feminine designs, wraps with hearts or a very elegant paisley design.


I tried a Fidella on a slingmeet and I was very impressed. I decided I needed one too!
I like the Outer Space design and this colourway looks great with a jeans! I love how wide the wrap is (80cm), this width is perfect for bigger kids. The thickness of the wrap is thin to medium, so even if the width might be a bit overwhelming for a newborn baby it isn’t too bulky or thick.
The wrap comes in a matching pouch where you can store your wrap if you’re on the road. It’s made of the same fabric as the wrap, which is a really nice addition to the packaging. Straight from the bag the wrap is already surprisingly soft, it might feel a bit slippery in the beginning but after a wash and a couple of wears it’s not slippery anymore.
It’s a very smooth fabric, which gets very soft!


The top rail is sewn in the other direction as the bottom rail, this way the wrap has no distinctive ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ side and it’s easier to tell the rails apart. It’s a nice detail and really handy for parents who are new to woven wraps.
The wrap is very airy and if it wasn’t for the dark colour it would have been a perfect summer wrap (although I can use it with the light side out of course).
I’ve used the wrap in a 3-layer carry with my toddler and it felt really comfortable, even for longer walks. My big girl loves the stars!
I wouldn’t use it in a knotless finish with a heavy baby, but this wrap makes a small knot, perfect for a normal tibetan finish or a comfy Candy Cane Chestbelt.
I’ve used this wrap for many tutorials because it’s so easy to wrap with and the different sides makes it easier to show and explain a lot of carries.


Fidella releases new designs or colourways every now and then, just keep an eye on their Facebook page.


Some pictures:


One of the tutorials with this wrap:

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