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On June 15, 2015
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Hard to put a star-rating to this one, because I tried different types of bags 🙂 I personally prefer the one with a wrap fabric strap for comfort, but I love the Erna in Wonderland design too! Which is smaller so was still comfortable even with the more narrow strap.
You can get exactly what you want, as she makes customs. That's great!

Da & So bag

made with wrapscrap(s)


I’m a huge fan of babywearing accessories, especially if they are made with wrapscraps. Who doesn’t love a bag made with a piece of their favourite wrap or maybe made completely out of your first wrap?

During my first pregnancy I met the mama behind Da & So bags, in 2013 she started her own business sewing (babywearing) bags and other products.
At the Dutch babywearing conference she also hosted a ‘first aid’ workshop, to help fix pulls, broken threads and threadshifting. (If you don’t want to fix your wrap yourself, you can send it to her to get it fixed professionally)


She offers different models and types of bags, some are designed to combine with babywearing and some are just ‘normal’ bags. I have tried three Da & So bag models and I prefer the babywearing type, because you can tie the straps in different ways, making it easier to wear your bag when wearing your baby.
There are rings at the bottom of the bag, you can thread the straps through them to carry it like a backpack or you can tie the shoulderstraps and wear it like a normal shoulderbag.
The use of wrapfabric for the straps makes it possible to spread out the strap fabric, which is more comfortable.


My ‘Erna in Wonderland’ bag doesn’t have a wrap fabric strap, but the bag is also smaller so it’s not necessary to have a wide strap for comfort.
If you want to order a custom bag she will work with you to design a bag that fits your needs. Extra inner pockets? size?
She had to redo the strap length because I’m not very tall and I prefer to wear my bag high(er). Luckely it was no problem to make them shorter.


The bigger bag is made with a Jumpsac damask scrap and has short handles so you can wear the bag high as a shoulder bag too if you prefer.
Look at the pictures to see the cute flower details on the bag where the short handles are attached! You can detach the longer shoulder strap (partly wrap fabric) if needed.
In the pictures you can also see the rings at the bottom. You can use them to turn the bag in to a backpack.
Even after months the bags still look great, I have used the bigger bag to carry my big camera, tripod and other stuff and the smaller Erna bag has been used to carry just necessities like my phone, a small camera and my wallet.


You can request a custom item through the Etsy shop or keep an eye on Facebook for ready to ship items.








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