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On September 14, 2014
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This is a perfect toddler wrap, a true work horse! It's very supportive and the texture provides a nice grip. If you like linen and aren't bothered by giving it some work/wears to soften it up, you will love this wrap!

Danu Slings Sky Songs Evening Cometh

55% Irish linen, 45% cotton


Danu Slings is designed, woven and handmade in Ireland. They work with local mills with a great history of Irish linen. I got the chance to meet the ladies behind Danu Slings, they told me about their passion for hand dyed yarns and the traditional weaving history of Ireland.

If you like linen, you will love Danu Slings! (and if you don’t like linen, you might need to give this Irish linen a try 😉 )

Sky Songs is a beautiful design, released in different color ways. Evening Cometh has blue and red threads creating a rich purple color. If you look up closely you will see the red & blue, but on all the pictures you will see the purple shade. The linen can have some irregularities,  due to the nature of the yarn. This wrap has a great texture and feels quite stiff brand-new.

After a wash & ironing it’s ready to be used, but Sky Songs will need some breaking in.
It’s hemmed in a way that the top rail shows the other side of the wrap, which makes it easier to tell the rails apart when you’re wrapping, it also makes that the wrap doesn’t have a wrong side. Both sides have a different look and I don’t know which side I prefer!

This is a perfect toddler wrap, a true work horse! It’s very supportive and the texture provides a nice grip. It will soften over time, you will need to work this wrap to break it in. I won’t recommend it for a newborn from the start, but after breaking it in you can use it for a newborn too. At first I was thinking ‘this will never get soft’, but after 2 weeks I can notice it’s getting more moldable and softer!
Steam ironing will definitely help and is a great way to avoid creasing lines in your wrap.

The wrap is on the thinner side of medium, but dense and strong! Even with a heavy toddler it doesn’t dig in my shoulders. Because of the stiffness my wrapjobs were far from perfect the first few times I tried the wrap, but it’s very forgiving and still comfortable! It might not be suitable for a beginner if it’s still stiff, maybe after a few wears or some other ways to get it softer (braiding, sitting on the wrap, ironing) it will be easier to use for a beginner.

My tester is a shorty, I mainly used it in a RRRR TAS or a rucksack tied at shoulder. This blend is perfect as a shorty, it will fit your bag easily and is comfortable to use for a long wear with your toddler if he/she is tired and doesn’t want to walk anymore. I would pick this wrap as a shorty, but I can imagine a longer wrap would be nice for a rucksack tied Tibetan or a plain double hammock.

Danu Slings has some lighter wraps with Irish linen, they soften up sooner. And I’ve heard something about merino wool coming up for the winter! Danu Slings sells their wraps on their website. Keep an eye on facebook for news about upcoming releases.

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