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On November 13, 2013
Last modified:June 3, 2017


Stretch, bounce, cushy! Nice shorty, but not very supportive for a heavy toddler.




We really love the stars tester! It’s very soft, but strong enough for my 13kg toddler. For my toddler I still prefer the heavier weight fabrics/blends (wraps with hemp, or cornflower with cashmere), but this 100% cotton is comfortable enough to carry her for hours. It’s a thin wrap, similar to the new Kokadi or Pollora wraps, but unlike Artipoppe the Pollora & KKD 100% cotton wraps really don’t have enough support to carry my toddler (the support is more like Oscha & Pavo all cotton wraps).
This wrap has a bit of stretchy feeling to it, but it stays in place when wrapped. It’s probably one of the cushiest wraps I’ve ever tried, we’ve been wearing it a lot!
Yesterday some stranger complimented me on my luxurious and stunning wrap! That’s exactly my feeling when wearing it. It looks great combined with jeans, but it would also be a nice wrap for a night out wearing a classy dress!
I will be sad to see this wrap leave, but we had a great time trying it!

Sleeping in Vincent
Sleeping in Vincent
Artipoppe Supernova Vincent
Artipoppe Supernova Vincent
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