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On June 14, 2015
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This will soon become your favorite sweater! Perfect for cold spring days or chilly summer evenings. Very cozy and comfy!

Angel Wings babywearing hoodie grey
Material: Cotton 40% Polyester 56% Spandex 4%


I love sweatshirts so when I saw this babywearing sweatshirt I thought: ”what could be more perfect for me then this?”

Angel-wings products are made in the Czech Republic, designed by a babywearing mama, based on her experience and needs.
The fact that the products are designed by someone who carried her own children really shows in how practical they are.


Back to the hoodie: I have the grey one, but it’s also available in turquoise and even in pink.
The material is a very soft cotton fleece with fine hairs inside. Yes, it’s as cuddly as you can only imagine!
The hoodie comes with a babywearing insert which you can use for back or frontcarries, a neckcover and a hood for the child.
If you carry your child on your back, you can keep your own hood up by closing a button. This keeps it out of the way.


The neckcover is used to keep your own neck warm when you’re wearing your child in the front and you attach it to an extra (tiny) zipper next to the normal zipper.
I haven’t used the hood for my daughter, because she usually wears a hat and I didn’t need the hood for extra head-support. But it’s detachable so you can leave it at home if you don’t need it.
The sleeves have thumbholes (yay!) which is great to keep the wind out.
The hoodie won’t be waterproof, but it kept us dry for a while when raining.


Optional you can buy an extra babywearing insert for tandemwearing and/or a pregnancy insert if needed.

I’ve been wearing my hoodie a lot. With and without a child. Just because it’s so comfy!
Someone asked me about pilling on the sleeves… This is something that I experience with most of my sweatshirts, hoodies and some jackets (depending on the fabric), which is why I own a fabric-shaver.
Even after multiple washes the pilling is only minimum and if you use a fabric-shaver it will be gone. I think it’s something you can’t prevent with a fabric like this and friction from wearing.


About the sizing: I think they are very true to size. You can find a size chart on the Angel-wings website which should help you out if you’re not sure.
I think the hoodie will be a great option for chilly summer evenings and cold days in spring. In winter or when a lot of rain is expected I would pick a babywearing jacket (probably one with softshell fabric).
This will soon become your favorite sweatshirt and I’m sure your child will like it too!


You can buy it online at the Angel-wings website. There are also some retailers, so maybe there’s on in your country too.
The other colours are definitely on my wishlist!


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