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On May 10, 2014
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Very airy, cushy, very soft, no grip.
It has a lot of stretch, you need to wrap carefully with a heavier child.

Wrap weavers – handwoven
100 % Climayarn (60% merino / 40% polycolon)

Some information about climayarn from my first Wrap weavers review:

You probably reacted the same way I did when I heard about this blend for the first time.
‘Climayarn, what’s that??’ and ‘why would I want polycolon (polypropylene) in a baby wrap??‘.
Of course I asked the weavers about the materials, it was important to me to have information about the yarns, quality labels and the reasons why they chose these materials.

Some information about Climayarn (as provided by wrap weavers)

Clima yarn:
– transfers moisture
– warms at cold temperatures
– avoids extra heat-accumulation
– machine washable
– Climayarn (r) optimally combines the advantages of wool’s natural finer with the strength of Polycon’s high-performance finer
– Climayarn dries considerably faster than comparable cotton materials
– No dry cleaning

– it is dry when it is wet
– it is warm when it is cold
– polycon shows perspiration the door
– no dry cleaning
– does not absorb any moisture
– machine washable

The materials used have quality labels.
Climayarn has a blue sign label and the Linens (Bockens) have an eco label of the Swedish society for Nature Conservation.
That does sound perfect, if it wasn’t for the Polycolon (polypropylene)…
Somehow it just doesn’t feel appropriate to use a plastic fiber like this in a baby wrap, but after seeing Tekhni using Repreve (made from recycled plastic bottles), it’s just about trying new things and thinking outside the box.


Let’s talk about this second tester.
The first tester was a linen/climayarn blend and I asked Wrap Weavers to make a 100% climayarn wrap for testing, because I was hoping it would work better.

Just like the first wrap, I was a bit scared to try it with my (almost) 15kg toddler, but it was more supporting than I expected a thin airy wrap like this to be.
It definitively feels like a summer wrap and considering the information on the climayarn it would be the perfect blend too.
We wrapped it on cold days and it was perfect, very cozy.

This wrap looks very fragile, it’s lightweight (only 500gram for a size 6) and loosely woven.
It’s very prone to pulls, but they are easily fixed by just pulling the wrap, stretching in different directions.

love the pattern

Just like the first tester this wrap is very thin, you need to wrap very neatly if you’re wearing a heavier child.
It has a lot of stretch, but if you wrap tight it will feel almost like a second skin.
I found out that the trick was to tighten it as a whole instead of tightening it strand by strand (thanks to my friend for pointing that out!).
It softens up quickly and as it does, it gets a little bit fuzzy but that’s nice.

I have to admit, I wouldn’t recommend this blend for a toddler.
Yes, I have worn my toddler (13kg+) over hours on a long walk and no, my shoulders didn’t hurt.
But: It has so much bounce & stretch, I consider myself to be an experienced wrapper and even with a neat wrapjob I had to re-tighten with her weight.

With my 9kg baby it was much better. It’s cushy, very soft and with her weight I didn’t have to re-tighten.
This wrap isn’t grippy at all, the passes slide with ease and I wouldn’t use it in a knotless finish.
I tried it in many carries and I preferred the multi layer carries (Double Hammock variations), but even in a rucksack it was fine.
The middle markers are a little block with another colour and the tails have a colour accent too. It’s a fun little detail and very charming.


You can machine wash this blend on wool program (easy to care for!). I think this blend will make a perfect newborn wrap for experienced wrappers or beginners who are comfortable with trying a thin wrap (and who are willing to practice to nail the perfect wrap job). This will be nice for the upcoming summer, very airy!

Some pictures:

tired baby
tired baby
Sleeping baby
Sleeping baby
Doubly hammock saltwater variation
Doubly hammock saltwater variation

You can find more pictures in my Portfolio

You can read the first review of the climayarn/linen blend here

You can find ‘Wrap Weavers’ on Facebook here! They are located in Portugal and are experienced in weaving scarfs with high quality yarn.

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