cottolin weft, 307g/m2:
June Moon

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On May 30, 2014
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The weaving is flawless, the selvedges are neat. Very vivid colors!
It softens up quickly, very easy to wrap with. Will rock as a shorty, but loved it in a long wrap too!

June Moon Woven Magic
cottolin weft, 307g/m2

When I dyed my hair in rainbow colors the first comments were ‘you need a rainbow wrap!’!
I didn’t think a rainbow wrap would be something I’d like, I never felt the need to own one (even though I think some rainbows are very pretty). They are just not ‘me’.
I have been in contact with June Moon Woven before and I liked this (classic) rainbow but again I didn’t feel like I needed it…
Well, what can I say? I was wrong, big time.

June Moon Woven is a German babywearing mama who started making handwoven wraps recently.
She’s still trying and experimenting with different colors, weaving structure, yarns, tension and density.
She wants to create a perfect product before she starts selling.
The wrap came with a paper with information about the blend and washing instructions. It’s a nice detail!
The middle markers and tag are simple, only a moon and the name of the brand ‘june moon woven’.



(pictures from June Moon Woven)

The colors are very vibrant and the cottolin weft gives it a ‘rough’ look (I think the weft color was navy or dark blue).
The weaving is flawless, she told me there is a knot somewhere that she didn’t notice while weaving, but I didn’t see any flaws.
She is a perfectionist and rather redoes a part if she sees a skipped thread when she’s weaving.
The selvedges are neat, it truly shows her perfectionism.
I love the vivid colors, a true rainbow.

When the wrap arrived, it was already washed and ready to wear. I tried it immediately in a tandem carry.
It’s always hard to wrap two children in one wrap, but it looks so impressive and with this length (size 7) I really had to try it.
This wrap is very supportive, it’s perfect for toddlerwearing.
I think it will rock in a shorty, but I loved it in a long wrap too.
It’s easy to wrap with, doing back passes is very easy.
It’s not very soft from the start but it’s also not cardboard-like, just something in between.
It softens up quickly, no hard work needed to break this beauty in.

I’ve made a video tutorial with this wrap and I think it shows the smooth wrapping.
I love the color way, it matches my hair color perfectly. It really felt like it was made for me!
I like that the colors aren’t mirrored. If you wrap the other way up it looks like a different wrap.
You can use it with the blue part as a top rail or with the red/pink up.

blue side up!
blue side up!


This wrap will last from birth up to pre-schooler age, I can imagine it being very soft after a couple of carries (and some washing/ironing) and definitely supportive enough for a bigger kid.
This wrap is 76cm wide post-wash. I love wider wraps with bigger kids, but I can imagine it to be a bit too much fabric for a small newborn.
The 100% cotton sister of this wrap will be traveling the US, keep an eye on June Moon Woven’s Facebook page for pictures and reviews!

June Moon Woven has an Etsy shop and she will occasionally sell wraps by draw on Facebook.

Video tutorial with this wrap: 

some pictures: 

Big tree!
Big tree!
almost asleep
almost asleep


back shot
back shot

You can find more pictures in my portfolio

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