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On February 8, 2015
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I would say this wrap is a great choice for more experienced babywearers, especially if they are used to wrapping with thicker/heavier wraps. If you're a thin wrap lover, stay away from this one. It's not a wrap I would recommend to wear your newborn baby in, but once it's more broken in it's not impossible to do so. It's suprisingly soft and mouldable, very grippy - perfect for a knotless finish!

Bebe Sachi Jelita
100% local cotton, local natural dyes, traditional hand twisted
307.58 g/m2 (pre wash)


Bebe Sachi is a handwoven brand, with a great story. The wraps are woven in Bangladesh under fair trade conditions, using traditional weaving methods. Bangladesh has a rich handwoven history and Bebe Sachi is commited to preserve the traditional hand looming methods. The Bebe Sachi project has build a community of weavers, who share their passion for sustainability.
You might know Bebe Sachi from their Khadi wrap, which is woven from handspun natural cotton. With Jelita they used traditional hand twisted yarn for the first time and added a different weave for the top rail (great idea!). Every step of the production : dyeing, weaving, hand twisting, hand spinning (khadi), hemming and tailoring, is done in house to provide as much employment as possible to the village and surrounding areas.


The name of this wrap, Jelita, means lovely or sweet in Malay. It symbolises beauty. I love the name! The colours remind me of Harry Potter (gryffindor), they are not very ‘me’, but after a while I really started to like them. I love that one part (about half of the wrap’s width) has stripes, and the other part is red. This way the wrap has two different looks, depending on which side you wear on top. ‘Officially’ the top rail is on the red part. They added a diamond weave top rail, so you can find the rail by touch. A nice detail, I think it’s a great idea, especially for newbie wrappers!


It’s a heavy wrap, at the first touch it feels like a true working horse, but soft and mouldable at the same time. The red upper part is noticably softer, the part with the stripes is more grippy.
It was quite a struggle tightening this wrap neatly the first few times. My own handwovens are light & thin compared to this one. You can easily finish your carry with a half knot if you’re wearing Jelita and it’s the perfect choice for a knotless or ring finish. Once you have managed to get this wrap in to place, it will stay in place, over hours, perfectly. It’s very forgiving, even a sloppy wrapjob will feel comfortable. This wrap is meant to be worked & loved, you can almost feel the rich hand looming history of Bangladesh. I think the colours really suit the heritage too. Like a beautiful Sari, very rich colours. The wrap came in a matching bag.



The rails are hemmed, which is not necessary (in my opinion) on thicker handwoven wraps with nice selvedges. Allthough hemmed rails make it easier to tighten a wrap, I prefer my handwoven wraps unhemmed.
One of the ladies behind Bebe Sachi told me that they also employ people in the village to do the hemming and because their weavers are training apprentices they aren’t confident enough to switch to unhemmed rails (yet). Maybe in the future!


The wrap measures 78cm, which is great for bigger kids. Jelita is not a wrap that I would recommend for a newborn, personally I would prefer a thinner (and less heavy) wrap for a tiny baby. This is one of those wraps that will make your toddler feel weightless, it rocks in single layer carries.
It’s not the best choice for complicated and pretty finishes, at least for the first wears it’s still a lot of work to tighten properly…. I can’t even imagine trying a Double hammock with a saltwater finish or something else like that, maybe once it’s fully broken in, I’m sure it will get a lot easier. It shines in a simple rucksack carry. I prefer a knotless finish, because the knot is a bit bulky, but a half knot stayed in place too.


I brought Jelita along to our slingmeet, it was great hearing people’s first thoughts on it and seeing how they changed their mind after wearing it. The weight and feel did scare them off a little bit at first, you have to wear this wrap before judging. You’ll probably think it’s great once you experience how your (heavy) child feels weightless and you’ll love it ever more when you feel how rock solid the carry is. I’m sure wrapping will get easier once it’s more broken in and if you’re used to wrapping with heavier or thicker wraps tightening it properly won’t be any problem. I was suprised by how airy it is, I would love to know how this wrap feels in hot weather.


I would say this wrap is a great choice for more experienced babywearers, especially if they are used to wrapping with thicker/heavier wraps. If you’re a thin wrap lover, stay away from this one. It’s not a wrap I would recommend to wear your newborn baby in, but once it’s more broken in it’s not impossible to do so. I think it’s great in every size apart from a very short (size 2) wrap. The knot is pretty bulky, which would bother me in a lot of shorty carries but offcourse you can wear it in a knotless RRRR if you like. I would think a rucksack-wrap would be perfect (which is a size 4 in my case), maybe a longer if you prefer a knotless tibetan finish.


Bebe Sachi sells their wraps on Etsy, keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information about upcoming releases.






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